Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Headed on my FIRST Mission Trip

God is so incredibly amazing! I went to a New Year's singles Conference in Miami entitled In Your Wildest Dreams! I was blown away by it because it truly did bring Ephesians 3:20 to life for me. I knew that coming back home I just wanted to focus on giving myself away for God and I knew that I wanted to do more outreach and to serve in the community more. The very same week that I returned one of the Elder's announced that there was going to be an Evangelistic mission trip to an Island Called Grenada and that the ministry there consisted of only three singles. As soon as I heard the announcement I KNEW I wanted to go. But how? I just came off of a mini vacation. My job is exceptionally busy and there was just NO WAY my boss was going to let me go on an 8 day vacation in just TWO months to go on a mission trip.... So I prayed to God and said God if it is your will for me to go please let my boss give me the time off. If she does, than all the other financial arrangements and details will be worked out by you and I will plan in faith. Now mind you my boss tends to weigh out all the details and takes a few days to give feed back so I sent my vacation request the very next day FULLY expecting her to take a few days to evaluate my projects and ask me a few questions (as is her protocol). Well to my surprise, my boss APPROVED my vacation the VERY SAME DAY I asked for it! I was in awe and KNEW from that moment that no obstacle would keep me from going on my first mission Trip!

Now you do know that satan wasn't going to make it easy for your sister right? I started looking for flights and could not find not one. The ONE I did find was over $800. But I said "God I know you already have this worked out. You will help me find a flight and $800 is like a penny to you. You will provide! A few days later I got a Facebook message from a near and dear friend communicating that God laid it on her heart to give me $300 to go on my mission trip. I was so encouraged and grateful. I even said to her you know based on my prayer, I am not surprised though incredibly grateful.

Now back to the flight dilemma.. Two weeks pass and I finally ask one of the Elders to help me and he enlisted his Travel Agent to help me find a flight. Down to the wire---meaning one week before my trip my flight was booked to the tune of $996! No worries because my God has got it. Flight booked...budget tight and I do mean TIGHT! Then here comes another blessing because another resource gave me $250 to help me go on my mission trip. WOW!!!! My Daddy is amazing!! And as if that wasn't enough I got $1,000 MORE than I anticipated on my tax refund! Hmmm.. coincidence?.. I THINK NOT! MY DADDY is amazing!

So here I stand this Wednesday night, half packed, already introduced to my room mate and planning to have a prayer conference tomorrow night with the four sisters that I know are coming from the USA. I KNOW God is going to do amazing things in spite of me! I pray to see him glorified and I pray to see my faith increased beyond my wildest dreams!


PS - Thanks to Cynthia Ellison as she inspired me to blog about my experience while in Grenada but hey I figured I would get a head start!

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