Friday, December 12, 2008


Simply a random musing........


Feeling a tear at my spirit and not sure how to deal with it.

No doubt pulled by the emotions of the chance at devotion.

Yet at the same time I see that it very well might be no chance for us to be a pair unless one of us dare sacrifice our strongest reluctance or desire.

What makes one sacrifice – surrender one desire for another? Giving up one thing to get the other. Is it the compelling draw? the sheer magnetism of having the chance to be devoted to one in which you find encouragement and attraction? How is it that fate would have you find - someone you are uniquely drawn to even though by doing so you feel like you have crossed some imaginary line?

Then what do you do with the excitement and fear? The intrigue and panic. All these thoughts and emotions enough to make one manic. So you let go and wait. If it returns it is yours. If it doesn’t then stop trying to walk through closed doors. Pray for wisdom and insight, know that with surrender God just might - give you what you pray for…a chance.

Written by me!