Friday, December 12, 2008

Tagged – I feel loved!

The totally sweet and encouraging Tiltcreations tagged me! Now I get to share 7 things to tell you about myself.

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...and I am adding one more :) Given the Holiday season & the busyness of so many, I grant you absolution from having to pass it on...but it'd be great if you'd still give up some fun things about yourself (or your work) and direct us towards some of your favorite blogs

So here are my Seven:
1. My first online business was selling on Ebay! I used to go to yard sales, find neat items and sell them! The items I sold and made the most money from was a large box of college medical books that I paid $5 for (yes the whole box of about 15 books was only $5) and I made about $1,000 off of all of those books I sold! Oh the days of profit on Ebay!

2. My favorite color is Red. I generally love all bright colors but red is my absolute favorite because it is bright, bold and vibrant and representative of my personality.

3. I was born breech. BUTT first in fact with my right leg flipped up and over my left shoulder and my arms wrapped around that leg. My mom has over 100 stitches giving birth to me! Poor mommy!

4. I am the single mother of two young adults ages 21 and 19 and the grandmother of a beautiful granddaughter 13 months old!

5. I love to play games – Spades, Phase 10, Monopoly (my all time favorite)!

6. My dream was to graduate high school, become a Broad Cast Journalist and move to California! Never happened but I dreamed anyway..LOL

7. My favorite shows are CSI, Forensic Files, Dr. G Medical Examiner and HGTV with HGTV being my all time favorite!

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

I had fun reading this :) If you love red you should check out this thread I just started this morning!

Huckleberry Arts said...

Thanks so much Will have to get posted this weekend!

Will do Thank you

Have a beautiful night

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Terronda, I am honored to receive this...I have gotten this award a few times over the last 2 weeks and have just not had the time to sit and return the favor....I definitely am going to list these things because I loved all that I have read thus cool to read others little tidbits...I will do this very soon...thanks for thinking of me!

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