Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Steps to help you Accomplish your goals

Well I talked about Mission and yes I may jump around a bit but I wanted to share a bit about some steps the help you accomplish your goals. I will always refer back to what I learned from being a Mary Kay Consultant for 3 years because it truly laid the foundation for the basis of my knowledge about running a business. Below are some steps shared with me years ago that can help any one to accomplish their goals. Doesn't matter if the goal is personal or professional! These are all very useful!

  • Envision a clear picture of what you desire! Claim that as your goal!
  • State your goal, telling people who will support you and encourage you!
  • Write affirmations - an example of a weight loss affirmation that is use is "I am a lean mean work out machine" Read them aloud! I even sing that in the shower sometimes! Go figure! LOL!
  • Hang a goal poster and place motivating pictures in your surroundings (Here is mine for now!)
  • Devise a course of action to accomplish your goal! (unsure? Call your mentor!)
  • Listen to and read motivational material daily!
  • Develop a consuming and burning desire to reach your goal! A "Not to be denied" attitude!
  • Seek and offer a cooperative spirit. Learn from those who can help and advise you.
  • Control your emotions. Do not fret, worry, complain or talk negatively, preventing anyone or anything from stealing your dream! Be about the business of bringing your mission and goals to life! One of my favorite quotes from John Rohn is "Learn to discipline your disappointments"! It has helped me so much because we all know disappointments will come!
  • Develop the courage and belief to keep going. Focus on efforts, not results! (Make sure the efforts are Income Producing Activities (we will talk about IPA's in another blog) and you will have the results!
  • Focus on giving, not getting! - Blockheadrod and Huckleberry Arts are amazing examples of this! They strive to PAY IT FORWARD and are rewarded as a result!
  • Treat people the way you want to be treated! Nothing like following the Golden Rule! We do tend to reap what we sow don't we?
  • Pray for wisdom, guidance and trust.
  • Put on a happy face each day, creating time for laughter. Be Happy!
Let's get to goal setting!

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TiLT said...

Ok - I really need to do all this stuff...especially since I think I may be better off trying brick & mortar...a couple more blog posts from you & I'll be all set :) Thanks for helping to get me motivated.

totally unrealted: the word verification is "humpa" - made me giggle...I am so mature :P

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Great suggestions :)

Huckleberry Arts said...

Thank you For the mention UC

"Treat people the way you want to be treated! Nothing like following the Golden Rule! We do tend to reap what we sow don't we?"


Judge ye less thee be judge

Great post !!